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As a wholesaler of timber flooring, Sunstar Flooring has strived to bring our best products to Australia, including our patented Rigid Core Timber range. Supplying Australia wide, our Melbourne and Perth offices allow you to see our amazing products in person.

The premier timber flooring wholesaler

Registered as HQ Wood, Sunstar Flooring supplies timber flooring products to all businesses and individuals in Australia. From authentic hardwood and oak boards to SPC Hybrid flooring, Sunstar specializes in bring the warmth and natural feeling of wood into properties of all sizes.

Our rigid core timber range, particularly, was under provisional patent from the Australian Government. Unlike SPC Hybrid floors with vinyl to replicate the pattern of wood, rigid core timber replaces the vinyl layer with authentic timber veneer to offer unrivalled natural color and light reflection while boasting all the much-loved benefits of SPC flooring products.

Timber flooring wholesaler

Dedication to our work

Sunstar Flooring takes extreme attention-to-detail to our products. Timber used in all our products are sourced sustainably and reasonably to maximize the environmental-friendly nature of using timber as a building material. We try our best to minimize the carbon footprint in producing our products for the carbon-negative nature of timber. And we encourage responsible disposal of our timber floor to minimize the associated impacts.

In order to minimize the need to replace and dispose timber flooring and the overall waste generation, all the ranges from Sunstar are produced with durability and longevity in mind. Our SPC Hybrid Flooring and Rigid Core Timber Flooring both come with lifetime residential warranty and 10-year commercial warranty as confidence to our customers. We also encourage regular maintenance of our authentic timber boards to achieve the lifelong durability of timber flooring.

Located in the cultural capital of Australia, Sunstar Flooring believes in the use of timber flooring in enhancing the overall aesthetic of any interior. Alongside the visible warmth and minimal cold feeling to the feet, our timber boards within the same range, including the SPC Hybrid and Rigid Core Timber, are carefully manufactured to the exact dimensions to allow mix-and-matching and parquet of timber boards.

With our unique manufacturing facility also meant we are able to offer pre-made customized floors to our customers. Other than unique laying patterns, parquet flooring from Sunstar Flooring provides complicated timber flooring design to upscale interior design.


We love to talk

We understand that everyone would have questions to the products that they are going to buy. Therefore, we answer every question from you to solve any enquires. If you are in Melbourne or Perth, we would love to show you our products as well. Contact us and see our amazing boards in person.

The Australian timber flooring landscape will never be the same with Sunstar Flooring – the timber flooring wholesaler.